.Bucket List.

1.Have sex in the middle of a rainstorm outside

2.Go to Ireland

3.Elope, even if I am already married

4.Own a Victorian house

5.Become a god-mother 

6.Take a photograph every day for 1 month

7.Buy a realistic mermaid tail (i.e. like "Splash")

8. Have a photo published

9. Fall in love (the real deal)

10.Eat crab in Boston

11.Make my own sushi

12.Have a 1970s roller skating themed party

13.Travel to Tokyo

14.Plant a vegetable and herb garden

15.Have a farm

16.Dive for abalone

17.Learn to master the art of the cupcake (i.e. fancy creations)

18.Be photographed in a 1950s ""pin-up" style

19.Get a big ass suite in a fancy hotel...maybe in Vegas

20.Own a Raccoon

21.Swim with Dolphins

22. travel on a train